Starter Kit Videos 11 to 20


Project 11: Transistor as a Switch – LED Dimmer part two.

Similar to project 10, but this time showing three channels, and how they can be changed.

Project 14: Transistor Astable.

Using a two transistor circuit to create a simple astable to flash an LED.

Project 17: Astable and Monostable.

Automatic Astable versus a manual Monostable.

Project 12: Simple Timer.

Using a capacitor to store a charge, we can use this charge in an entry/exit type circuit.

Project 15: Timer with a 555 Integrated Circuit.

An introduction to Integrated Circuits (chips or ICs).

Project 18: Gated 555 Timer.

An astable that can be turned on or off with a logic signal.

Project 20: More Monostable: Delay Timer.

Using a monostable as a delay timer/switch.

Project 13: Cats Eyes using an Astable Multivibrator.

Simple project for glowing cats eyes or skull eyes????

Project 16: Timer on Oscilloscope.

Showing the same astable circuit from project 15, but showing on an oscilloscope.

Project 19: Diminishing Frequency Astable.

An extension to the astable in previous projects showing a diminishing frequency.

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