Starter Kit Videos 1 to 10

Project 1: Turn Led On: Hello World

The first of many videos to introduce electronics to beginners.

Project 4: Toggle LEDs.

Using a switch to toggle between two LEDs

Project 7: Transistor as a Switch.

An introduction to the transistor and using it to switch on LEDs.

Project 2: Turn LED on: Variable.

A variation on project 1 but introducing a trimmer to dim the LED.

Project 5: Potential Divider.

Here we explain the basics of a potential divider.
A section of circuitry that you will use very often.

Project 8: Transistor as a Switch with LDR.

Introducing a Light Dependent Resistor to control when the LED is switched by the transistor.

Project 10: Transistor as a Switch – LED Dimmer.

Introducing the capacitor to store a charge.
When the power is removed by the switch, the LED slowly dims, getting its power from the capacitor

Project 3: Turn LED on: Variable.

An explanation of project 2.

Project 6: Potential Divider Extended.

An extension to project 5 where the potential divider is explained with a multimeter.

Project 9: Transistor as a Switch with LDR part two.

Using the Light Dependent Resistor to detect darkness.
Also points out the potential divider.

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