Starter Kit Videos 31 to 40

Project 31: Dual Transistor Multivibrator.

Project 25/26 with a different approach.

Project 34: Continuity Tester.

Simple continuity tester for fuses, bulbs etc.

Project 37: 555 Timer and Op Amp.

Using an Op Amp and 555 monostable to detect change in light.

Project 32: Traffic lights Australian style.

Simple traffic lights using 2 timer ICs.

Project 35:  Firefly Flasher.

Produce 2 random like flashes at the bottom of the garden.

Project 38: LED Chaser.

Introducing the 4017 decade counter.

Project 40: Bi-Polar LED flasher.

Using the 555 for bi-polar LEDs.

Project 33: Light and Dark detector with 555 Timer.

Revisit of the Light detector.

Project 36: Monostable and Astable.

Simple example of a monostable controlling an astable.

Project 39: 2 Tone Alarm.

Using 555 with buzzers and not LEDs.

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