Starter Kit Videos 21 to 30


Project 21: Flasher with a 555 integrated circuit.

Simple toggle flasher circuit

Project 24: Slow Blink.

555 timer circuit for dummy CCTV camera.

Project 27: Variable delay timer.

Entrance/Exit delay timer.

Project 22: Flasher: Random?

Not so random, just with less wiring.

Project 25:  Darlington Pair.

Basic Darlington pair, with thermistor

Project 28: Variable delay timer with Buzzer.

Entrance/Exit delay timer with buzzer.

Project 30: Operational Amplifier

Introduction to the Op-Amp.

Project 23: Flasher with IC part 2.

Another simple toggle flasher, to show a different approach.

Project 26: Darlington Pair Night Light.

Same as project 25 explaining the LDR.

Project 29: Siren (sort of).

Using two timers to create sound.

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