What we do at Breadboard Electronics is create workable circuits for enthusiastic people.

Our aim is to supply circuit diagrams with short videos explaining them, and the components to produce them, And supply those components in an affordable manner.

Our shopping cart is not full of thousands of items that overwhelm, instead it contains all of the components that you will require to complete all of our circuits.

Our Starter Kit is designed to cover, currently 40+ circuits, that you can build take apart, re-use the components and rebuild.

We know that you may want to ‘keep’ some built projects and so our shop is designed around replenishing your supplies as and when you want to.

What we don’t do is force you to learn the mathematics that go into really understanding what a circuit does, and how it works.

Our aim is to help those who are not necessarily great at sums but like to tinker and build things. That is why all of our circuits are tried and tested before you see them.

Our plan for the future is quite simple. We want to expand the amount of circuits available to you and build as big a list as we can. This takes time as you can appreciate. But, best of all, they will be available to all and for free, unless you want a hard copy.

We have two routes that we are going down.

Basic electronics, to get people interested and moving, build their confidence etc.

Then move into the Arduino arena which enables budding enthusiasts, young and old alike,  to put their imagination into action.

The Arduino is a microcontroller which you connect to your computer, write your own sketches (programs), and download your code to the Arduino to make it do ‘stuff’.

To the initiate, this may sound a little daunting, but we will explain everything along the way, from getting the software to enable you to write programs, to how to write those programs. It is easier than it sounds.

Initially, we have ‘tried and tested’ circuits for the Arduino software’s built in examples for you to practice on, then we move into the area of making it do what ‘you’ want it to. We show you the breadboard designs and the finished working product.

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